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 Midnight's Song - Fanfiction Series

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Being Chosen by Nyx
Being Chosen by Nyx

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PostSubject: Midnight's Song - Fanfiction Series   Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:19 pm

First Story is called Nyx's Muse - It's both a House of Night fanfiction and a Marianas Trench fanfiction.

Josh Ramsay has had the spotlight on him for years and years. He's 28, and doesn't expect much else to happen. Him and his best fri9end had gotten ready for this day for years when they'd feel finality. but when Josh is Marked by a Tracker, new feelings emerge. Will his life ever go back to the sense of normal it had? And will he find new light in the nighttime values of the House of Night?

I thought I would like to explore the concept of an adult fledgling! (if anyone's interested tell me)

Second Story is called Nyx's Shroud, no real summary. It's about Joshua, who looks like Josh. There is a twist at the end of Nyx's Muse.

Nyx's Muse is technically the prologue to Midnight's Song.
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Midnight's Song - Fanfiction Series
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