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Finally mastering Fire
Finally mastering Fire

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PostSubject: Nightwish   Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:53 pm

Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from the tiny town of Kitee, Finland. The band currently consists of Floor Jansen (vocals), Tuomas Holopainen (keys and the creator of the band), Marco Hietala (bass and vocals), Emppu Vuorinen (guitars) and Jukka Nevalainen (drums). They recruited Floor Jansen as their singer during their Imaginaerum tour after Anette Olzon resigned.

Former members are Sami Vänskä (bass), Tarja Turunen (vocals) and Anette Olzon (vocals).

Nightwish's music is often quite dark by the themes. It has been described as “bombastic heavy, symphonic and cinematic, with keyboards and strings creating a gothic atmosphere”. Tuomas Holopainen writes all the lyrics and almost always also composes, with a couple of exceptions (like "Higher Than Hope" and "The Islander", music by Marco Hietala and "Sacrament of the Wilderness" and "The Siren", music by Emppu Vuorinen).

Their greatest hits with no doubt are "Nemo", "Wish I Had an Angel", "Amaranth" and "Sleeping Sun".

YouTube links:
Nemo live with Anette Olzon
Wish I Had an Angel

So, Nightwish is one of my favorite bands and Tuomas is one of my biggest idols ever. Has anyone else here listened to Nightwish's music?
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