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 The Strange Angels sereis by Lili ST. Crow

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PostSubject: The Strange Angels sereis by Lili ST. Crow   Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:19 am

Hey everyone. I noticed that we didn't have a topic for the much loved Strange Angels series.
If you haven't read this series of books, I must tell you, You will not be able to put them down!
The series has 5 books in total.

Strange Angels -

Betrayals -

Jealousy -

Defiance -


Reckoning -

I recommend these books to anyone who loves Action, Drama, romace and fantasy.
Dru Anderson, the main charater of this series, is a normal teenaged girl who's mother died when she was young and a father who hunts the paranormal.
Some strange events happen to her, and her life is changed forever.


For those who have read the books, please reply what you thought of the Books!
I myself enjoyed them very much.
When I started reading I couldn't put the books down. I always wanted to know what happened next.


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The Strange Angels sereis by Lili ST. Crow
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